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Air Conditioning Preventative Maintenance


If you’re a homeowner, chances are, you have a lot of things on your mind and even some on the back
burner. The last thing you want to worry about is having an issue with your air conditioning unit. In
order to prevent outages and other expensive repairs down the road, employing prevention methods on
your home front could do you — and your air conditioner — some good.

Here are some preventative methods to maintain your air conditioner and extend its lifespan:

1) Clean the filters on a regular basis

You want to make sure that your filters aren’t clogged with dirt, dust, and other debris. Get in the habit of checking your air conditioner’s filters every month or every other month to make sure a lot of debris isn’t building up. If it is, clean or replace the filter. You want efficient filters because a dirty one can
increase your home’s air consumption by 5 percent to 15 percent. That means you’re shelling out more
of your hard-earned money for utilities. Plus, your home’s air supply will be cleaner when you clean or
replace your filters.

2) Check the coils

The evaporator and condenser coils in your air conditioning unit can also be clogged with dirt over the years. Once you clean your filter, it will prevent the coils from getting as dirty, but you still need to
check them. Check your evaporator coil on an annual basis or as often as needed. Your unit’s outdoor
condenser coil can become clogged with grass clippings from your lawnmower, falling leaves, and debris from dryer vents. Clean around the coil and trim any plants that are bypassing the coil’s efficiency — causing it to collect dirt and debris more easily. In the winter, cover your outdoor air conditioning unit to
minimize damage from cold weather and its related conditions.

3) Check the condensate drains

If your unit isn’t handling humidity properly, then you could have a clogged condensate drain. You can
remedy this by moving a stiff wire through your air conditioning unit’s drain channels. If you have a
clogged condensate drain, then the excess moisture may end up soaking your carpets or leaving
water stains on your walls. Clean your condensate drains to minimize water damage from your AC unit.

A professional will have the necessary tools to troubleshoot any issues and fix them. The technician will give you tips on air conditioning unit care, fix the issues you can’t fix, and more. 

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